Tuesday, March 24, 2009


I have decided to start using twitter. I am not sure I like it better than Facebook but we will give it a try.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Late campaign update

I promised myself that I was going to chronicle this campaign on this blog. But here we are on short final and this is the first real post. I am not an avid blogger and I should be. I totally respect Chris Knight and Katy Benningfield who seem to be able to blog at will and do it very well. Well, "anywhoo" back to my original reason for the post. The campaign is doing well despite the N&O's best attempt to destroy me. I have received the support of many GOP "power hitters". I have had lots of fun even though I am getting tired. I look forward to the slight rest period after the Primary and before the General season kicks off. People in the State have given me rave reviews and many standing ovations during my speeches. Kelly and I experienced a flat tire on the car last week but considering all the miles we have driven just one hiccup 'ain't' bad. We are still doing the grass roots thing and still raising funds for the public finance portion of the campaign. My two opponents have either quit campaigning or they are using different strategies because I have not seen them and neither has anyone else. Oh, well, that is them and this is my campaign. I am going to list my personal endorsements for the judicial races but will remain neutral in the Governor and Lt. Governor races.
Court of Appeals Judge Wynn Seat I am endorsing Dean R. Poirier I know that Jewell Ann Farlow is also a Republican and running but I have had the opportunity to campaign with Dean and feel his experience and his dedication are an asset and he will make a fine Judge. For the Court of Appeals Judge Tyson Seat well that's a no-brain er... John Tyson is a fine Judge and needs to keep his seat. I know that my little endorsements may not mean a lot but this is exactly how I am voting and I am urging you to vote that way as well. That's all for now and hopefully I will start blogging more soon.....

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Sound Off Buncombe bio

This is the raw version of the bio that I did for Sound Off Buncombe. Special thanks to Richard Bernier. Richard is one of the Member/Producers at the Public Access channel in Asheville URTV.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Start of the OSS Rebel Runner

A promise I made to myself was to build a boat after the campaign. Well now the dust has settled and I started today. I am going to name the boat "Rebel Runner" after co-candidate Chris Knight who is probably the biggest Star Wars fan I have ever met. He ran a good campaign and certainly gave a different perspective in the race.

I am going to try to chronicle my boat building here on the blog. I built one of these back in 2000 over a weekend and had fun doing it. My father ended up giving it away to a total stranger. (I'll write about that later.)

Time to begin. First off you may want to take a look at what I am building. I have had these plans for many years and the site I got them off of is still active. It hasn't been updated at all since I first logged on almost 7 years ago but at least you can still look at it. These plans came from Herb McLeod. I have modified it just a tad and you will see where once I get going with it.

I took a trip to Lowes today and picked up the beginning materials.
Which consist of:
1) One sheet 4x8 1/4" plywood (I got the hardwood underlay type.)
2) 2"x4" -16" scrap for stem (make the stem long and trim it to size after you have attached the sides and gunwales) (I have scrap 2x4)
3) 1"x2" - eight 8' for frame, transom, chines and gunwales and full-length skeg (I am just using pine striping)
4) 2"x2" - two 6" these are mounted on the outside of the gunwale and with an appropriate sized hole through them hold the oar horns. (see the picture of the gray OSS) (Another source of scrap lumber I have.)
5) Glue; tube of polyurethane construction adhesive (PL premium), plastic resin glue (Weldwood) or epoxy (I am using contractors wood glue and I also bought Fiberglass Cloth and Resin this is one of the major differences I did with my last one.)
6) Screws and/or nails plus washers and screws (where needed to attach chines and gunwales)
7) Scrap 1'x4' 1/4 ply for seat
8) 1'x 4'x 1 1/2 " bead board (closed cell plastic foam insulation board) for under seat for flotation (I use the bead board plus pipe wrap insulation that goes around the sides for added flotation I do weigh over 200 lbs.)
9) Latex primer and paint (Got the primer but no paint. I still have not decided what color to paint it yet but I may try to keep with the name and go something of a white and red.)
10) Oarlocks (No oarlocks I will have those made by my dad.)

Here is the first picture.

Don't laugh just yet. Take a look at others that folks have built. A big guy in a little boat.

So thats the start of the boat. Stay tuned and hopefully it will be done and in the water once the weather turns warm. Someday I will build a bigger boat. I am looking at a few but for now I will hone my skills on the OSS Rebel Runner.

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Who do I look like

From Chris Knight he thought this would be neat he did it as well.

Monday, November 13, 2006


At 8:04am this morning Kelly and I had a 9lb 6oz 20 inch long baby boy. Named Jared Taylor Anderson Smith. Mom and baby are doing well and dad is very tired.